Silver Concept

Silver Concept

Founded in 2017, Silver Concept serves as an IT Consultancy and services firm operating from Islamabad, Pakistan. Silver Concept serves as a sister concern of Quicklink (PVT.) LTD which has been serving as a provider of premium telecommunication and IT services globally for over 20 years. We offer a wide variety of services that range from Software Development, Web Development, Software Deployment and more. We have worked on numerous projects in the past that includes the likes of Enterprise resource planning (ERP), Learning Management System (LMS), Management information system (MIS). We deliver software, security and other advisory solutions for companies across multiple industries spanning from real-estate to healthcare. Proven processes and the pairing of experienced resources whom have led multiple projects allows us to deliver universally better outcomes for our clients.

We help companies create strategic software products that help increase revenue, cut down cost, and transform their businesses and market performance.

We assist clients enable automatic sharing of relevant information between stakeholders by linking various digital systems together.

We provide complete end-to-end embedded solutions that include both the hardware and software development across different embedded platforms tailored to the clients requirements.

We offer services in the field of AI expanding towards Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision using Python.

We offer services related to Digital Image processing/recognition & Control through various algorithms.

We offer services related to scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract various knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data available.