Networking Solutions

Networking Solutions

We offer IT services that meet your current requirements yet will evolve as you do, helping you grow your business effectively and meet the future head on. And should you run into any problems along the way, our guaranteed one hour response time will make sure that we tackle any issues as quickly as possible, so that you can get back up and running at full speed in no time at all.

Call Center Solution

Delivering a satisfying customer experience is a top priority for most organizations today, and the responsibility of managing that experience has never been more complex. The world is changing, ushering in a digital age. While voice-based communication with customers still plays a strong role, consumers are increasingly looking to digital communication and demanding the flexibility to interact with companies through their preferred media.

Networking Infrastructure Solutions

Quicklink provides engineering, product and service expertise to design, upgrade or expand network infrastructure as the need for improved data transmission rates continues to strain traditional networks, more businesses are turning to optical fiber. Those same businesses turn to AFL for industry-leading end-to-end network infrastructure solutions.


The GNOC emerged from a major project on the transformation and metallization of Quicklink networks. It brings all "core network" activities and service platforms together, within a common supervision center and is set up to guarantee optimal network quality, a unique customer experience and to improve operational performance. The GNOC is located in two differnet geographic locations.With the GNOC we created one centre where we had each and every expertise and we could control networks around the world from the GNOC itself.